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EIA Global focuses exclusively on Credit and Political Risk Insurance. We represent our clients to over 20 private insurance companies located in the United States, as well as a host of other underwriters in markets around the world, including Lloyd’s of London.  EIA Global is also one of the longest-serving registered brokers with the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

Credit Insurance

Non-payment protection for companies, financial institutions, specialty lenders and investors. The product insures accounts receivable, debt instruments, corporate loans and other forms of credit against an obligor’s inability or refusal to pay undisputed debts owed.

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Learn more about Credit Insurance for Banks, Lenders & Investors

Political Risk Insurance

Political Risk Insurance offers protection to multinational corporations, financial institutions, contractors and exporters with assets (both physical and financial) in emerging markets. The product also safeguards those doing business with foreign governments against contract breaches resulting in financial losses.

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Learn More about Political Risk Insurance for Physical Assets, Loans and Investments

Global Risk Insurance

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Decades of experience and a commitment to the highest standards of integrity have allowed EIA Global to develop, earn and maintain the respect and confidence of the Credit and Political Risk Insurance underwriting community. Our stature in the market works to our clients’ advantage throughout the term of their insurance policy.



Established in 1979, EIA Global is the most experienced specialized Credit and Political Risk Insurance brokerage in the world.



As a family-owned enterprise, EIA Global is focused exclusively on the needs and interests of our clients, without any obligation to other parties. 


Cost Effective

We work to provide our clients with the best coverage at the lowest possible price. Our services come at no cost to the client as we are compensated by the insurance underwriters.

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Over 40 Years of Experience

Our firm distinguishes itself by providing a full suite of services to our clients.  We have five former bankers and three full-time lawyers on our staff. We work with clients throughout the term of their policy, assisting with all aspects of policy administration, including claims processing.

Credit & Political Risk Insurance Can Be Complicated. We Can Help.

EIA Global works closely with our colleagues from around the globe to give our clients access to international insurance markets, including public sector export credit agencies and the Lloyd’s of London market. Access to these markets allows EIA Global to place difficult or unique risks that may not be insurable with carriers based in the United States. It also enables us to issue local policies to our clients’ foreign subsidiaries.

Our Services